Gender Brain Chemistry – Sharing Feelings Often Misunderstood For Complaining

Have you ever shared your feelings and then been told to quit complaining? When a woman shares her feelings, many times she is misunderstood and it is thought that she is complaining. I am going to show you a few reasons why a woman is not complaining when she is sharing her feelings. I will show you that a woman uses that sharing experience as a way of sorting, purging, gaining and giving trust and respect, relating to others, expressing creativity and creating new relationships and bonding.When a woman shares her feelings, she is able to release tension and stress even if the problem is not solved. Just the act of discussing it helps her oxytocin level rise and that will reduce her stress level. It is a natural response for a woman to share her feelings, because of her need to raise her oxytocin which is her feel good hormone. Keeping the oxytocin level high for the woman will increase her ability to function in a positive manner physically, mentally and sexually.Many times female clients have told me that when they share their feelings, their partner thinks that they are complaining or blaming and that leads to arguments. That is why I felt it important to write this to bring understanding to the female brain’s need to share feelings and to be heard. And more importantly, when a woman shares her feelings she is not looking for action to be taken or to complain or place blame, but because she genuinely wants to be heard, understood, respected, and related to.When a woman shares her feelings and emotions, she creates a way of sorting out the many things going on in her multi tasking brain. It provides her a way of giving trust to her listener, and gaining trust once she feels understood and heard. Also a woman feels more respected if she feels she has been heard and understood.Sharing her feelings also gives a woman a way to connect with others and to relate to another being in a way that says she understands and can relate to the feelings of another person. It is important for the female to tend, befriend and nurture. Not to mention it is important for a woman to relate to others and communicate in positive manner to keep her oxytocin levels high enough to keep her healthy and feeling good.