Home Workshop for the DIYer – Reclaimed, Repurposed and Upcycled Materials

You can utilize a portion of your garage, a shed, or even an extra room for your home workshop! The basic home workshop for DIY projects, no matter the size, includes good lighting and a well-built and organized work bench (counter top or table). Your work bench should be at the proper height for you and for the way you prefer to work (standing or sitting). Even better is a work bench that is height adjustable as your needs change and even adjustable and comfortable work stools to give you more flexibility.

It is important that you keep your comfort in mind as you will most likely spend quite a lot of time working on those DIY projects that you enjoy so much!

If woodworking is included in your DIY projects, a quality dust collecting system will be an essential part of your equipment. It is OK to economize on some of your tools as there is such a large range of sizes and prices to choose from. But, don’t skimp when it comes to arranging your actual work space, seating, lighting, etc. as those are all important to your health, well-being, and comfort as you work!

Once your home workshop is ready for action, it is a good idea to keep an inventory list of your most used items in order to keep your supplies replenished. There nothing more aggravating than getting half way through a project and realizing that you have to stop to make a trip to your local hardware store! You will gradually collect the tools you need as you expand your horizons with new DIY projects.

Currently a very popular trend in the DIY world is referred to as reclaiming, repurposing, or upcycling. This trend will help keep our landfills from filling up so quickly. Rubbish, cast-offs from others, and garage sale items can easily become stylish, creative, unique, and functional works of art! Think of the possibilities… an old barn door could become a very interesting table top with your imagination and a little bit of elbow grease, and old log and the base of an old chair could easily become a very unusual and cute coffee or side table. Old metal milk crates could be put together to create a really eye-catching coffee table, or old buttons could be used to make some fashionable jewelry.

With the help of the internet and sites such as Pinterest, DIYinspire, even your local public library, and especially your imagination the possibilities are endless for DIY projects! Think of all the things you could create for home decorating, storage, garden art, and landscaping needs!