Social Media Marketing – Are You Looking For a Pinterest Invite? (Look No More)

Are you looking for a Pinterest invite? I have some good news for you. An invitation is no longer required. They have passed the “beta” stage and now the platform is wide open.

So why do you want to use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool that allows people to share visual content. One of the main reasons that it’s so popular and has skyrocketed to the top of the rankings is that it is very, very easy to use. It’s VERY simple to use.

People share pictures and videos on Pinterest. Things that interest them, things they know their friends will enjoy. People share what inspires them! Sharing on Pinterest is called “re-pin”, and you definitely want your Pins to be re-pinned.

Four topics that are re-pinned often are quotes, recipes, cute pet pictures and home decor. Where possible you want to create pins for your business that will be appropriate for the top categories. Example quote that was re-pinned 52,000 + times was…

“Because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you will all they have.”

A “mega closet” picture was re-pinned 25,000 + times.

For business it is a blockbuster, simply because you can enhance your brand with pictures on Pinterest. When you post pictures on Pinterest you link them back to your website, a blog post or even a sales page.

Pinterest is much easier for companies who have products that you can take pictures of but there is always ways to take pictures of what’s happening in your business. Whole Foods is an excellent example of how to use Pinterest to build your brand.

Whole Foods have 45 boards that surround the topic of food. Here are a few examples…

“Who Wants Dinner?”,
“Eat Your Veggies”,
“How does your garden grow?”,
“Cheese is the Bee’s Knees”,
“Edible Celebrations”

and many more. They are creative and have made their whole Pinterest page fun!

There is a section called “Our Favorite Books” each book they recommend also links back to Amazon so people who are interest can quickly and easily purchase a book. You can do this with your own products, insert links back to pages on your website where people can purchase your products. On my Pinterest account we have a page of Video Quick Tips, each tip contains a link where people can go and purchase the videos. Do some keyword research and discover what Pinterest board titles will work best for you.

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